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"Diverging from 0H10M1ke's traditional single line style yet within bounds as drippy and bold, this layered painting of animals as subject matter is one-of-a-kind, with an aesthetic that is not likely to be recreated anytime soon by the artist as it narrowly eclipsed Megan Watters and lost the battle to Calicho by one point in a fierce SMUAT match to the death." —0H10 M1ke


0H10M1ke wanders New York drawing portraits with one line, on the spot in under 1 minute, with over 15,000 completed. His 2008 work, 100K PPL, consists of 100,000 contour drawings of faces. LIVEDRAW, a digital live drawing to music collab has been seen around the world. He's known these days for graffiti and street art as The 0NE-L1NE Master. His solo pop up of watercolors at 454 Broadway is July 8th and his largest (and smallest) work to date, entitled MASS1VEm1ni will be on view July 14-18 at Bowery Union at 329 Broome St.



Painted live during the Sour Mouse Underground Art Tournament Spring 2021. Photo of art by Jeanelle Folkes of UP Magazine

1N L1ke a L10n, 0ut l1ke a M0USE — by 0H10 M1ke


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