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"Made during the 1st Sour Mouse art battle (Feb.18 2021), this speed painting was made for the theme of "Underground Mouse" with vision of making a drink under the same title. The blue martini glass has a nose and wiskers painted on the rim." — Adrian Bermeo


Adrian Bermeo [b.1989] is a LatinX expressionist painter from Queens NY with origins in graffiti who is based in Lower East Side Manhattan. As a proud native New Yorker of Puerto Rican and Ecuadorian descent, many of his contemporary characters and abstract pieces carry interpretations of misrepresented figures and explosive energies that have influenced him by experiences through family, community upbringing and racial identity.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Bermeo’s work encompasses community outreach events, gallery exhibits, painting workshops, private collections both international and domestic and fundraising auctions at The Queens Museum for Elmhurst Hospital during 2020’s pandemic.




Painted live during the Sour Mouse Underground Art Tournament Spring 2021. Photo of art by Jeanelle Folkes of UP Magazine


Martini Mouse — by Adrian Bermeo


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